New Polyurethane Material Technology

The current clearer portfolio of polyurethane specialty compounds. With the launch of the new "PolyurethaneSolutions" brand and the unification of the brand names of its subsidiaries in Europe, BASF demonstrates the strong advantage of serving polyurethane customers with global "integrated" production: "Polyurethane Solutions" representative BASF's more than 35 composite plants around the world provide customers with high-quality products and professional consulting and services, and are committed to customer-centricity, continuous innovation, and flexibility.

Through business dealings with BASF's polyurethane experts, customers around the world will experience the personalized consulting and R&D services BASF provides in the field of polyurethane systems and specialty products. PolyurethaneSolutions will bring BASF closer to its customers and provide them with local support to help them be more successful. "Through Polyurethane Solutions, BASF provides expertise and problem-solving capabilities to customers around the world," said Jacques Delmoitiez, President of BASF's Polyurethanes Division Global Business. "Customers benefit from BASF's experience in providing polyurethane technology to multiple industries." According to Coatings Technology & Digest It is understood that the launch of the new brand will strengthen BASF's market position in the field of polyurethane products. At the same time, the BASF corporate brand will be adopted across the Elastogran production plants in order to integrate the brand of BASF's European subsidiary, Elastogran. BASF will continue to use the Elastogran brand to market its polyurethane services in Europe under the brand name PU Solutions Elastogran.

“BASF is not only a trusted and one of the world’s leading producers of polyurethane base products, but also supports customers around the world in optimizing their product properties, especially in the area of ​​custom polyurethane compounds,” Jacques Delmoitiez added. Polyurethane is a specialty plastic, and our customers can benefit from its wide range of applications, advantageous properties and BASF’s extensive global expertise and experience.”

In the polyurethane systems and specialty products business, service orientation is particularly important, and customers need experience and technical expertise in this area. BASF has a strong production network of polyurethane compounds and provides fast local support for the development of each solution, such as technical service, sales and marketing. Relying on several world-class factories, BASF ensures a stable supply of basic polyurethane products such as diphenylmethane diisocyanate (MDI) and toluene diisocyanate (TDI), polyols, etc. to the global market.

Polyurethane is widely used in various products, bringing people a convenient, safe and comfortable life, while helping to save energy and achieve sustainable development. The use of polyurethane helps architects design more thermally insulated homes and enables automakers to produce better-looking and lighter vehicles. BASF's polyurethane customers also include leading suppliers of athleisure shoes, mattresses, household appliances and sports equipment.

Post time: Jul-01-2022