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Kaisun  Polyurethane Products Co., Ltd.

Focus on the research and development and production of polyurethane special-shaped extrusion products.

Polyurethane extruded sheet,rod, profiled strip and various profiled extruded belts.

It has high strength and service life, wear-resistant and oil-resistant. Widely used in metallurgical mining, petroleum, automobile, building materials, sports and other general equipment industries.

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1).The hardness of polyurethane sheet sheet products ranges from 80 degrees to 95 degrees,
the thickness ranges from 1 mm to 15 mm, and the width can be up to 1 m
It has the advantages of high strength, high elasticity, high wear resistance, long life, and reduced vibration.

2).Special-shaped pipes and other special-shaped products, and customers can customize various shapes of extruded polyurethane products
such as special-shaped belts, special-shaped pipes, and other special-shaped products. Has good abrasion resistance, ductile elasticity, and other chemical resistance properties
Polyurethane special-shaped products can widely replace various products such as rubber and plastics in traditional industries.

The adjustable range of performance is large. A number of physical and mechanical performance indicators can be changed within a certain range through the selection of raw materials and the adjustment of formula. So as to meet the different requirements of users for product performance. For example, hardness is often an important indicator for users of products, and the adjustability of polyurethane elastomers in various hardness ranges is generally difficult for other elastomer materials to achieve. This product will increase its performance elasticity and hardness correspondingly with different formulations.
Excellent wear resistance. Especially under the working conditions where there are media such as water and oil. The wear resistance of shoes is often several times to dozens of times that of ordinary rubber materials. Although metal materials such as steel are hard, they are not necessarily wear-resistant. If there is water flow and other impurities, the circulating metal parts will often be washed away, and serious wear and water leakage will occur after a period of use. With elastomer components, there are no wear and leakage problems during long-term continuous operation.
Oil resistance, ozone resistance, aging resistance, radiation resistance, low temperature resistance. Good adhesion and good hot melt. These advantages are the reason why polyurethane elastomers are widely used in various industrial fields.

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