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Kaixian A-13 PU NO NAIL LINK BELT is used to replace the traditional triangular belt, round belt and other light conveyor belts. It is widely used in airport luggage, carpentry, glass and other transmission industries.

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1. Increased service life: it is made of highly resistant polyethyl formate / polyketone composites;
2. Quick assembly: suitable for any length without disassembly. It can be installed on the closed driving device. Reduce the pause time of the production line to almost zero;
3. Reduce vibration: combined with structural characteristics, the vibration rate is reduced by 50%;
4. Reduce inventory: there is no need to reserve inventory of various specifications and sizes to save space, money and work procedures. E and f belts with the widest width can replace heavy-duty belts, and order special belts in disorder in the future;
5. Accurate fitting: it is not easy to stretch and loosen her. As long as the same number of combined sections of each belt is ensured, the accurate effect can be achieved
6. Design simplification: it is convenient for designers to bring home, simplify mechanical design and save manufacturing cost. The drive pulley can be installed in the body structure to achieve greater tightness and safety.

Product Advantages

Best Suited For: Virtually any system currently using leather, rubber or polyurethane belts that would benefit from convenience and performance of PU link belt.
PU link type is your answer!  Stuck with ancient leather belts? Frustrated with rubber belt? Or tired of welding urethane? PU LINK BELT is the effortless upgrade! With a standard profile, this PU LINK BELT will drop right into your existing equipment. Its extreme flexibility makes it ideally suited for use with small pulley/idler diameters.
• Replaces standard profile rubber, polyurethane, and leather belts
• High performance composite polyester/polyurethane material
No tools required. No matter what equipment you are operating, productivity is critical. PU LINK BELT minimizes downtime with no tools required and has easy installation in minutes without machine tear-downs or struggling with rusted-down motor bases.
Single or matched pu link belt sets can be made with a flick of the wrist! PU LINK BELT can be made up to required length by hand in seconds and rolled onto the drive just like a bicycle chain.Since PU LINK BELT’s profile is a perfect match for standard belt pulleys, idlers and guides, the belts slide right in and are easily joined with the twist of a tab.
• Easier, faster installation
• Easily installed without dismantling drive components
• Make any length by hand in seconds without any tools
• Simplified drive design
Tame hostile environments. If your belt drives are operating in hostile, nasty environments, you've got to take advantage of the high performance properties of polyurethanes. That's why we use a high performance polyurethane elastomer reinforced with multiple plies of polyester fabric for PU LINK BELT . This custom material provides PU LINK BELT with significantly superior resistance to oils, grease, water, and the most common industrial/agricultural chemicals and solvents.

Application Area


Hot furnace


Stone breaker


Glass transparent


Power transmission-extreme environment


Ventilation system


Air port baggage sorting system

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